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Flower Power

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No 10093. Francesca top No 10094 Felice Mini Skirt

No 10093. Francesca top No 10094 Felice Mini Skirt

No 10093. Francesca top

No 10093. Francesca top

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Complete Yabbey DIY Pattern Library Explore
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DIY fabric & kits

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Yabbey connects designers, artists, makers and fashion lovers all over the world, revolutionizing fashion through a decentralized marketplace, where every piece of clothing is ethically and sustainably made. 

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Celebrate every masterpiece you make and share it with the world. We help passionate makers create beautiful and timeless garments that they can showcase as their own through our collection of PDF patterns, custom fabrics, and an online repository of free, easy-to-follow sewing instructions and video tutorials.

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We partner with different organizations to benefit a community of talented women in developing countries. Every purchase you make goes towards spreading positive change by helping sustain our designers and artisans. At the same time, our decentralized approach in garment production promotes safe, ethical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.



I wore my dress to a gala event and received so many compliments. The combination of the beautiful quality and gorgeous design made my dress a dream to wear.

Los Angeles

I loved my Yabbey experience! It was amazing to work with the team to bring the vision of my dress to life. I loved being a part of the creation experience every step of the way and the result is a dream come true. I can’t wait to use Yabbey again and again to fill my wardrobe with well made Yabbey pieces hand made by true artisans.

Los Angeles

I wanted to support the cause to support women in Myanmar and bought the beach cover up to take with me for vacation. The fabric is nice and airy and very compact so i have been carrying it around everywhere. It is great to know that my shopping supports a cause!

Hong Kong
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